FREE 5-DAY ONLINE CHALLENGE - For Couples & Singles Too!


  • Do you feel lonely, no emotional connection, hugging the walls as you walk by?
  • Has life just got flat, mundane and downright boring?
  • Or maybe you're yearning to reconnect again...or connect deeper



You May Find Yourself:

  • Sending flirty text messages
  •  Filling up your lingerie drawer
  •  Engaging in awesome conversations
  •  Having more fun, sex, and excitement
  • Discover that there is still some 🔥 H E A T 🔥 there

These daily challenges are to engage your partner in a positive way so that you can start to have fun together again.

It is about breaking patterns that are sabotaging you! Someone needs to break the pattern and you will feel more powerful leading this. And….you are going to learn lots about you and what you need as well!

Forget all the “Stuff” and just decide to give your partner some positive reinforcement and see what happens. I have seen relationships absolutely shift…and H E A T UP.

I am passionate about helping couples through their struggles to a happier Juicier Life!

Couples hire Eileen to live a Juicier Life and Get Loved The Way They Need…because…at times most couples feel trapped, powerless and unloved.

Eileen interprets and translates personality traits to help Individuals become the Best Person They Can Be and become loving partners in relationships.

She helps them re-engage, re-connect, and rejuvenate their relationship…and take their love much deeper. 

Eileen Head has been called The Relationship Whisperer. She is a Personality Pattern & Relationship Coach, Speaker, Author, and creator of the online “Get Loved The Way You Need Relationship Program” for Singles and Couples to navigate relationship dynamics. 

Eileen inspires couples to re-engage through understanding their Personality Couple Intimacy Dynamics and offering personalized “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” and Transformational Programs.

For Singles, Eileen transforms past pain and struggle patterns, identifies the unique gifts they bring to a relationship and even which personality is most compatible for them to attract the love of their life.

The Bottom Line:  Until YOU understand your own personality, how you feel loved…and how to be a loving partner…you will continue to struggle instead of living a Juicer, Happier Life!